Paleo Diet Quick Start Guide

“How to get lean with the paleo diet – FREE quick start guide”

If you’re worried or overwhelmed about starting the paleo diet and afraid that you’re never going to naturally lose those excess pounds, then this guide is the most important thing you’ll ever read.

The Paleo Diet Quick Start Guide

The Paleo Diet Quick Start Guide

When using this guide you will avoid the doubts whether this diet can really help you lose excess fat, you will also avoid frustrations on figuring out what to eat and how to compose a meal, and you will avoid the number one mistake most people do when starting eating paleo that risks you getting low on energy and having cravings.

With this quick start guide you will get the explanation on how this new paleo strategy guarantees you losing excess fat and getting a lean body, you will also know exactly what to eat for all your meals of the day and that will get you the best start on eating the paleo diet and losing your excess weight.

If you are anything like us

If you are anything like us, you probably have tried different diets and approaches to get rid of that excess fat.

When we first read about the paleo diet we immediately thought it made sense, and we wanted to try it out. We decided to give it a go for one month.

I was personally a bit reluctant, especially when it came to certain things I liked to eat.

What should we now eat for breakfast? The breakfast I had been used to all my life was now on the no-list… And what about pasta dishes, me being an Italian food fan?

When we started out eating paleo there was definitively a period of trial and error. We had to make up new ideas on what to eat for all our meals, and we had to experiment on the ratios of meat/fish, vegetables and fat.

Inside “Get lean with paleo: quick start guide”

You will learn:

  • What is the paleo diet
  • The 5 proven factors that promote weight loss
  • How to get lean with paleo
  • The foods that you MUST avoid
  • The foods that you can safely eat
  • How to quick & easy prepare a paleo breakfast
  • How to avoid the #1 beginner mistake
  • How to prepare your first 3 paleo meals

You will get:

  • Full meal plan for your first 3 meals
  • Detailed picture-by-picture/step-by-step instructions
  • A grocery store checklist for your first 3 paleo meals
  • Our proven tips on what to eat for lunch & dinner
  • Our top 3 classic healthy paleo snack tips
  • Our paleo diet food list

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OK, OK, I get it & I WANT IT!

There were days when we were low on energy and days when we were successful and made insights in how to eat properly.

When the month was over we really had got a hang of it and were now so used to eating paleo that we continued. After 3 months we had loss our excess weight and we were really convinced paleo eaters.

Now we want to share our knowledge from the first period on paleo with you so you can get a successful start on eating paleo and losing weight.

How to lose excess fat without a lot of the mistakes most people do

Now, with the experience we have of eating the paleo diet, we have put together this quick start guide for you to help you getting started losing your excess weight.

You’ll know in just a few minutes what took us weeks, months, even years to figure out.

Get a successful start on your lean body; get the “Get lean with paleo diet: Quick start guide” for FREE.

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